In a time when money is scarce and there is mounting public pressure to win the war on drugs, states are forced to explore controversial solutions. In William C. Harris Jr.'s revolutionary new book, Speak Nothing of the Dead But Good, the State of Georgia turns to a shadowy company called Executive Outcomes to create the first drug colony on U.S. soil. Fans of Harris' previous books will see their favorite characters taken to a place where they have never gone before. Prepare for a ride filled with death and despair, faith and redemption, all on the mysterious island of Ossabaw.

The Book

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William C. Harris, Jr., D.P.M.

Bill Harris was born in Savannah, Georgia, on April 7, 1947. He was educated in Savannah's Catholic schools and grew up during a time when the beauty, charm and history of Savannah were not known to the world as they are today. But young Bill recognized those qualities early on and used that knowledge to write his four novels, all set in Savannah. During his first year of college in 1966, Bill worked part-time as an emergency medical technician and experienced a life-altering circumstance as a result of that. While trying to extract a man from a burning auto, he came in contact with a high voltage wire and was so severely burned that he lost both legs and suffered severe damage to his face. It took two years of extensive surgery and rehab to recover, but in 1971 he graduated from Georgia State University in Atlanta and in 1975 received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. He has practiced Podiatry in Savannah since 1977. Bill has been an avid boater since returning to Savannah and few people know the rivers, creeks and islands of Savannah better than he. It was during his numerous camping trips to some of those isolated islands that Bill received the inspiration for the novels he has written. He still goes to these islands with a group of his friends who call themselves John Wayne Adventure Camping. Bill is a member of the Hibernian Society of Savannah, the German Heritage Society of Savannah and L'Alliance France de Savannah to name a few. He is also a communicant at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Church. Married to Pam Pedicini Harris for over 34 years, Bill has three married daughters and six grandchildren. He and Pam live on Dutch Island. Speak Nothing of the Dead But Good is his fourth novel, following the successful publication of Delirium of the Brave in 1998, No Enemy But Time in 2002 and Wassaw Sound in 2008.

Dr. John-Morgan Hartman

A well-known local doctor and decorated Vietnam war veteran, Hartman was chosen to be part of the Governor’s Oversight Committee for the Ossabaw Island colony by the State of Georgia. He used his medical background to monitor the treatment and health of residents.

Bishop Lloyd Brian

From a young age, Lloyd excelled at sports, taking him from one championship to another, leading to a career with the Washington Redskins. A tragedy caused him to leave sports and pursue a higher calling. He became a Catholic priest and served as the spiritual advocate in the Committee and minister to the poor souls on Ossabaw.

Rep. Will McQueen

Will grew up as part of the American aristocracy, but as soon as he was able, joined the war effort in Vietnam. An attack left him with legs amputated. Afterward, his friend Judah Benjamin orchestrated a successful political campaign for him for the office of United States Representative.

Judah Benjamin

Judah grew up in a political family and so was always surrounded by politics. This served him well as his profound ability to mastermind successful political campaigns led to the status of political legend in Washington and millions in his bank account.

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